We get asked all the time: "What equipment should I buy for fill in the blank."

Instead of stocking a million different things in our retail area and spending more time on retail and less time training you, we  just decided it was easiest to set up these Amazon links so you can purchase them on your own and have them shipped to your house. All of these products are tried and trued by our staff. They are high quality but won't break the bank either.

Remember, gear like belts and wrist wraps are a strength enhancer, not a bandaid for an injury. If something hurts and you think that a piece of equipment will fix it, see a coach instead and we'll draw up a plan to get you healthy! 

Hand Protection

Knee Sleeves

Weight Belts

Jump Ropes



Wrist Wraps

If you have any other ideas for products to add to this page, send us an email! 

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