Your 2019 Intramural Open Guide

February 21st marks the beginning of our second annual Intramural Open. Our Intramural Open piggybacks off The CrossFit Game’s Open which is a 5 week online qualifier to make it to the CrossFit Games.

For more info on The Open, click here.

You’re probably wondering why the heck you’d want to participate in a competition that only .0001% of participants will move on to the next stage.

Well let me tell you, The Open is where magic happens. I’ve seen more first muscle ups, first pull ups, and first double unders during The Open. While it may sound like a lot of added pressure, everyone always rises to the occasion and outperforms their expectations.

You can sign up here for The CrossFit Games Open. It costs $20, and you get to compare yourself to 400,000+ people on the leaderboard, and you’ll get to see what the CrossFit community is all about. You don't have to sign up for The CrossFit Games Open to participate in our Intramural Open.

CrossFit Auburndale’s Intramural Open:

This is where all the real fun begins. The Intramural Open is for all of us regular folks with no aspirations of making it to The CrossFit Games and are just really happy to survive the WOD everyday.

There will be two teams for this year’s IM:

Team Dusty (Chicken & WODffles)

Team Tayler (Kipping it Real)

They will be actively recruiting you to sign up for their team. It is free to sign up for the IM Open, so you have no reason to not to!

The Open officially starts Thursday February 21st and runs until Monday March 25th. Every Friday at CrossFit Auburndale we will be hitting the Open Workouts. CrossFit HQ will announce the workout every Thursday night at 8pm so not even your coaches know what the workouts will be!! There are even scaled options for the workout so everyone can participate!

Success in the IM Open isn’t just contingent on your performance though, everyone has a way to contribute regardless of skill level.

Ways you can earn points for your team:

  • Completing an Open workout: 1 Point

  • Earning a Top 3 performance in the workout (Scaled and RX): 1 Point

  • Checking in on Facebook when you do your Open workout: 1 Point

  • Giving CrossFit Auburndale a Google Review: 1 Point

  • Buying an Open shirt (more details on that TBA): 3 Points

  • Submitting a video testimonial on how CrossFit Auburndale has impacted your life: 3 Points

At the end of every week, we’ll tally the points up and announce the winner of that week. At the end of the 5 weeks we’ll announce our 2019 Intramural Open Winner. That winning team will get bragging rights, their team name on a banner at the gym, and custody of a sweet trophy.

So if Tayler or Dusty approach you and ask you to be on their team, make sure you say yes!!

Good luck, Happy Open Season!

Article written by Cameron Andrews, Owner/Operator, CrossFit Auburndale

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