Why Alcohol is Actually Stalling Your Progress in the Gym

"I started using diet mixers when making drinks"

"If I drink vodka waters, I don't get such a bad hangover"

"White Claws are so much healthier than beer"

While we can certainly reduce the amount of calories we consume by substituting our drink preferences, calories are not the key reason to why alcohol is stalling our progress in the gym and in life.

When we consume alcohol, our body dramatically reduces protein synthesis. This is our recovery process that not only allows us to recover from workouts but also our everyday lives.

Whether it is one drink, or twelve, when our body receives the signal that alcohol has entered our system it reduces protein synthesis and begins filtering out the alcohol to get us back to homeostasis.

We are constantly putting our body through stress, but when we pile the stress of drinking alcohol onto the daily stressors of our job, kids, working out, and life, it is easy to see how alcohol stalls our progress.

Instead of burning fat and building muscle, our body is having to breakdown alcohol.

We're all humans and we all love to have a good time, but its vital that we moderate our alcohol intake. A nightly glass of wine is not only packing on extra calories every night, but also making our body work twice as hard to regenerate itself. Regardless of the volume of alcohol consumed, its still having adverse effects on our goals.

If your progress isn't where you want it to be, start paying closer attention to our drinking frequency.

Most people underestimate their alcohol consumption, so if you really want to maximize your results from working out and cleaning up your diet, start by documenting how frequently you're drinking. You might surprised!

Blog post by Cameron Andrews, Owner - CrossFit Auburndale

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