Why a No Sweat Intro and Not a Free Trial Class

We get questions all the time on if prospective clients can try out a free class and we normally steer them towards booking a free No Sweat Intro. While people are usually anxious to get started as soon as possible, our journey to health and longevity isn’t something that lasts a couple of weeks or months. It can take years to achieve our initial goal and by the time we’re there, that goal has probably changed or evolved into something bigger.

During a No Sweat Intro, we ensure that our group classes or personal training are a good fit for prospects. We start by setting expectations and being transparent when setting the trajectory of our client journey.

If someone walks in and says they want to lose 30lbs in a month, we’re going to tell them that we probably aren’t a great fit for them because, while this might be possible, it isn’t sustainable, and it probably isn’t the best for our long term health. We value longevity a lot more than a 6 week before and after photo.

The magic of CrossFit isn’t in one single workout, it's in doing constantly varied workouts that are long some days, and short on others. Heavy barbells one day, lots of running the next. After months of doing these workouts we’ve developed functional strength, improved our endurance, learned new skills, and lost weight in a sustainable manner.

The magic is also in the community. We’re all much stronger as a team and we aim to build meaningful relationships when taking on new clients. Whether that is coach to member, or member to member; all these relationships are critical to putting us on the path to long term health and happiness.

With a free workout, we’re just offering a good workout for the day, but through a No Sweat Intro, we can set clients up for long term success and keep them engaged for a long time and not fizzle out when motivation is waning or life gets busy.

We do a lot more than just offer cool workouts.

Book a free No Sweat Intro if you’d like to learn more.

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