I think having to describe CrossFit is one of the most challenging parts of being a gym owner.

As I spend more time in the industry, my answer becomes longer and longer but my goal with this article is to keep it as concise as possible.

CrossFit is in short, a strength and conditioning program originally conceived to make people as objectively fit as possible.

After doing CrossFit for several years, we figured out that this stuff ended up being for all ages and ability levels. It also wasn't only for elite athletes, it was great for helping Sally the CPA lose some fat and get back to the body she had when she played collegiate volleyball. It also helped Mike the construction worker get his back stronger and hurt less from carrying cinderblocks all day at his job.

Fast forward several years, we now have full fledged CrossFit gyms that train people in both group settings and individually to help them lose weight, get in better shape, and feel younger than they actually are.

CrossFit will have you learning new skills every week and you'll never get bored with the workouts.

CrossFit comes in all different shapes and sizes and many people will describe CrossFit differently.

If you want to come checkout CrossFit Auburndale and see what we're all about, hit the link below.


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