Thursday Musings: Break Ins, Coronavirus, and Double Unders

This was initially going to be a PSA to my members about a break in that happened last night but it's turning more into some Thursday musings.

Musing 1: Break Ins

Last night during the 6:30pm class, someone had the audacity to smash one of our member’s car windows and steal her purse. Be cognizant of what you leave in your car. I’m annoyed and disappointed that things like this happen in quaint Downtown Auburndale but it is 2020.

I feel violated that this happened on my gym premises, and I can only imagine how this client feels after some jerk smashed her window, reached into her car, and snatched her purse out of it. This occurred right outside of a bay door about 30’ from people working out in broad daylight. People are freaking nuts. If you’ve ever had your car broken into, it's really inconvenient. It takes weeks to finally get rid of all the broken glass, window repairs are ungodly expensive, and chances are, you probably didn’t have any cash in your bag for that crook to take. They probably netted a $25 Publix gift card, some mentos, and a nice handbag that no pawn shop will take because they know toothless Larry (sorry if your name is Larry, Larry is my fictitious burglar) is not pawning his Louis V handbag to buy a 1911.

I always try to pull Bright Spots out of bad decisions, and my Bright Spot for this break in is that I had three members and a coach stick around until almost 9pm last night and lend their moral support while APD dusted for fingerprints. They even offered some comic relief as we joked about how unhelpful Wells Fargo was when every single one of your credit cards and checks were stolen. I’m forever grateful for this community that is selfless and always willing to look out for each other.

Musing 2: Coronavirus

I’m not going to send you the same obligatory Coronavirus email that you’ve already gotten seven times from your employer, school, clubs, etc. We all know to wash our hands and to not stick our fingers in others’ mouths.

We are cognizant of this virus and we are taking steps to mitigate its spread. Please continue to wipe down all bars, kettlebells, rowers, bikes, and other equipment that you use.

Staff is disinfecting all equipment used for that day and other trafficked surfaces between classes.

The more interesting thing to me is not the virus itself, but how we react to it. Everyone in my circle is more concerned about how it impacts things like business and travel. One of my best friends landed in Spain this morning for his honeymoon and now he’s hopping on a plane to come right back because of the travel ban. Everyone could freak out about the virus and cancel their gym memberships tomorrow and I’d be in a heap of trouble. No one I’ve talked to is actually worried about catching the virus, just the ripple effect it creates.

But you know what's got me the most bent out of shape about this thing? The fact that the NBA just shutdown. Like, no more basketball this season. The organization whose 30 teams grossed $8 billion last year are ceasing operation.

I haven’t paid much attention to this virus up until this point but I’m half amused, half horrified that it takes the NBA suspending play for the season to make myself and our generation wake up to the urgency of this virus. I didn’t blink at travel bans or toilet paper shortages but now that we aren’t throwing an orange ball through a metal rim for the rest of the season I’m freaking out that this might be the most catastrophic event I’ve witnessed thus far.

This emotion has just come across me over the past three hours or so and will probably subside, but it's still a good reality check.

While we are taking every effort to keep the gym Coronavirus-free and open for operation, we realize that many of you do not want to risk it and do not wish to come to the gym at this time.

If you’d prefer to workout at home, listed below are five workouts you can hit at home and still break a sweat.

Workout 1: Ladders

Choose 1 bodyweight movement, like pushups or burpees (or select from exercises you’ve never tried” ) Do 1 movement per minute at the top of every minute. Add a rep every minute.

Go until you can’t complete the required reps in a minute.

You might want to add 2-3 other movements to make this a workout. Score is combined total of all movements.

Workout 2: Head-to-Toe Sprint

7 Rounds for Time:

10 Push-ups

10 Air Squats

Run 200m

Workout 3: “Michael”

800m Run

50 Situps

50 Back Extensions (sub Supermans or some other back extension exercise)

Workout 4: Descending Ladder

For time: 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 of 3 different exercises (choose from the standard bodyweight list, like burpees and pushups and situps, or choose from the more novel list below.)

Workout 5: Gym Practice

AMRAP in 20:00

10 Handstand pushups

10 Pistols

(Sub in whatever your weakest gymnastics movements might be.)

We’ll be posting more at home workouts in the subsequent days.

Musing 3: How to Get Better at Double Unders:

Do them more.

In addition to doing them more, get a quality rope that is sized correctly for you and isn’t tangled, kinked, or knotted. While we provide ropes here, they are abused and aren’t great.

Here is an Amazon link for a quality but affordably priced jump rope.

Once you get it, ask one of your coaches to help you size it properly, and jump rope with it every single day. You’ll be knocking out dubs in no time.

The rope is $18 and will take you a long ways.

Get 100 single unders unbroken and then you can move onto Double Under Practice.


Don’t steal peoples’ stuff

Don’t get the Coronavirus

Do your dubs

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