Things we’re doing better in 2019: Goal Setting and Goal Review Sessions

CrossFit is amazing in its ability to keep people engaged through constantly varied workouts and a community like none other. But inevitably at some point in our fitness journey, we’ll hit a rut. Whether its because the PRs aren’t happening as often as we’d like, we’re hurt, or work is just getting in the way; we all have times where we just don’t feel motivated to make it to the gym.

One of our ways we’re going to combat this is through better goal setting and goal review sessions. Goal setting is pivotal to keep us on track during our everyday lives and we’re going to begin doing goal review sessions with all members periodically.

Goal review sessions will occur every 3-6 months to ensure that you’re getting the most out of your membership. If you wish to have one more frequently than that, you are more than welcome to do so! Goal review sessions are free so take advantage of them.

During these sessions you’ll sit down with a staff member and go over goals, progress, what's been going well, and what hasn’t been the best. If things couldn’t be better then we’ll just keep on keepin’ on. If there are things that you wish were going better, our staff will come up with a recommendation on how we can help improve your fitness journey.

Sessions are available anytime you want, whether that's before or after your workout, during off hours, or on your rest day. We can even have one over Zoom video call if you’re struggling to find time to make it in the gym.

Staff members available for goal review sessions are Cameron, Jarrod, and Tayler. Tayler will be playing a much more pivotal role on the nutrition side as we implement Healthy Blueprint more in 2019.

We can’t wait to see what 2019 has in store for everyone! If you’re ready to book a goal review session please reach out to a staff member today! If a staff member reaches out to you about booking a session, don’t be timid, it just means we care about you and your success!

We hope everyone is excited about the New Year as we are! Get ready, it's going to be a wild ride!

Time to get back on track in 2019!

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