Making Your Life Better Through Gratitude

Updated: Jan 24, 2020

Gratitude is a muscle we have to exercise everyday. 

As I get deeper into this whole gym owner thing, I start to realize that what we offer is much less about cool workouts and much more about improving people’s overall health. Included in that is mental health. 

Mental health gets talked about a lot but it isn’t as easy as just being happy. 

One facet of improving our mental health is exhibiting gratitude in all we do. 

If you’ve ever met me, I’m a generally positive and happy person. Sometimes I’m annoyingly positive because I know how contagious both positivity and negativity can be. One thing that helps me remain positive through situations is gratitude. 

I try to be grateful for everything I have because I know that there are literally billions of people that have it worse than me. 

Being a gym owner isn’t always fun. I have mornings when I wake up at 4am and I’d kill to hit snooze but then I remember how awesome it is that people are willing to show up at 5am to better themselves. 

A lot of situations are harder to be grateful for. I found it hard to find a reason to be grateful for a leaky roof last week when the rain came through but you get the gist of this. But somehow finding gratitude in having a gym and a platform to help people everyday outweighed the dripping water on the floor. 

Showing gratitude isn’t too much different from working out. It seems impossible when you’re first getting started, but as you keep doing it, it miraculously gets easier. 

You don’t get better at pushups by thinking about pushups, you get better by doing them. 

Find yourself a crappy situation this week and find a way to be grateful for it. The world suddenly doesn’t seem so bad. 

Blog post by Cameron Andrews

Owner - CrossFit Auburndale

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