How to Choose the Right CrossFit Gym for You

If you’ve ever thought about checking out a CrossFit gym, chances are a quick Google search gave you a ton of different options. All you care about is finding the gym that will help you reach your goals and you’re inundated with gyms called CrossFit North Hamptonshire, CrossFit Golden Retriever, or CrossFit Muscle Slayer.

The choice paralysis starts to set in, and you decide that sitting on your couch for another week sounds like a much better idea.

The CrossFit community is a lot tighter than you'd think we even have friends out of stated really bad marketers. Most CrossFit gyms nowadays are beginner friendly but for some reason we think that a video of shirtless dudes doing muscle ups will get overweight Sally to overcome her anxiety about the gym and sign up for a free consultation.

We’re actually all friendly but we don’t always convey that message to outsiders.

I’d venture to say that by 2019 most CrossFit gyms are geared towards helping the average Joe lose fat, build muscle, and get in better shape overall. All of the bad ones that you heard horror stories about in 2014 have either gone out of business or cleaned up their act so they would survive.

Your first step to finding the right gym for you:

Google is probably your best bet when selecting gyms. Find a couple that are close to you and visit their websites. Somewhere on their website there should be a contact form or calendar to book an appointment. Email and voicemails are always great too. Full disclosure: most of us don’t have front desk staff and are terrible at answering the phone so voicemails are great.

Shameless plug, you can book a free consultation with us at

Next: Follow said Gym’s Intake Process:

Some gyms will have you try out a free class or come in for a consultation or no sweat intro. Whatever it is, don’t be scared and just go for it! Gym owners are in this thing to help people and we love new clients. We do our best to take the intimidation factor out of things.

Shop around a few different gyms. You don’t have to commit to anything on the spot. Even if you loved the workout or got a great vibe from the person doing your consultation, don’t be afraid to let them know that you’re wanting to checkout other gyms to make sure its a good fit for you.

Things to Consider:

Convenience: I’m a big proponent that convenience of the gym trumps most other factors. Make sure that the gym's training schedule works for you and it isn’t a huge burden for you to routinely show up around your work schedule. Proximity is important too. Make sure the gym is reasonably close to your house or work.

Intake Process: How are you going to get acclimated as a new client? Every gym is a bit different but make sure you choose the one that you feel most comfortable with. At CrossFit Auburndale you’re going to train with one of our coaches 1-on-1 at least 4 times before you do your first group class. That ensures that you’ll be safe and confident while working out. If a gym wants to throw you into a giant group on day 1 and you don’t feel comfortable with that, don’t join that gym.


Read that six more times and remember it when you’re shopping around. Buy based on your perception of value, not price. A more expensive gym might very well offer more value than a cheaper one.

Final Considerations: Don’t get discouraged if you don’t fall in love with the first gym you visit. CrossFit gyms are a lot like car dealerships. Just because the salesman at one Ford dealership was a jerk doesn’t mean there is something wrong with that new Ford Explorer. You might just have to go up the road to the next dealership to get better service and the same car you want.

If you need help finding a gym in your area, we'd be happy to help! Shoot us an email at

The CrossFit community is a lot tighter than you'd think we even have friends out of state!

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