Goal Setting and How to Start 2019 Off Right (Part 1)

We're all familiar with the New Years Craze. We get all excited about setting some new goals and by about mid February we lose interest, life gets in the way, or we just forget.

That isn't happening this year. This year we're writing down goals and sticking to them, and if they change (they will) then we're writing down new ones and we'll keep plugging along. Here are some actionable steps you can take to make sure you keep that New Year momentum rolling deep into 2019.

Step 1: Write down your goals. Yes, you actually have to write them down with a writing utensil on a piece of paper or whiteboard or some other note taking apparatus. Don't use the notes on your iPhone, don't keep them in your head, actually write them down.

Step 2: Get out a pen and piece of paper and write down as many goals as you can think of. This sounds a lot like step 1, because it actually is but I can't stress the importance of writing down some goals. Don't proceed to step 3 until you have written a couple of goals down.

Step 3: Don't be specific with your goals (yet). This list will keep evolving as our year changes. Write as many things down that will improve your life as you can think of. It can be as minute as making your bed everyday or as big as getting a new job. Don't limit yourself because a goal seems insignificant or too big.

Step 4: Post these goals where you see them on a daily basis. It can be a post it note on your mirror, a notepad by your computer monitor, or anything that you're forced to interact with daily. I keep all mine on a legal pad that goes with me everywhere. It isn't the prettiest but its really loud and I'm forced to look at them anytime I take notes (which is a lot).

Step 5: This will be another separate blog post on how to dissect goals and make sure that we stick with them. For now this will get our brain going and focus on some things that are important to us right now.

Goal setting sounds cliche but sitting down and literally writing down what we plan to achieve is one of the best ways for us to find clarity in life. Writing things down is often underestimated in the age of technology but it is infinitely powerful.

Blog post by:

Cameron Andrews

Owner/Operator - CrossFit Auburndale

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