Starting your fitness journey?

We get it, starting a new fitness program can be scary, but everyone has to start somewhere! No one walked with six pack abs or able to do a muscle up and many of us are still a work in progress! ​

The hardest part of starting CrossFit is stepping foot in the door the first time. After your No Sweat Intro, you'll know that you're in the right place. 


The No Sweat Intro:

Everyone starts here. This is a free consultation where you will meet 1-on-1 with one of our awesome coaches talk about goal setting, membership options, and which program is best for you. From here we will give you a recommendation that fits your needs and lifestyle best. 


Personal Training:

Personal training is the best way to maximize your time. 1-on-1 training with one of our rockstar coaches is the best way to achieve all of your fitness goals. Whether you have a hectic schedule and want to maximize your time, or you just prefer the privacy of working individually, personal training is for you. 


Group CrossFit Classes:

CrossFit started out individually but it involved into what we know as group training now. Group classes combine intensity, camaraderie, and fun into the best hour of your day. Group classes are lead by a coach who will give you individual attention every class. 



Nutrition is the foundation of your fitness journey! Whether you are looking to hop in on one of our awesome nutrition challenges or you want to work 1-on-1 with our in house nutrition coaches, we'll make sure we put you on the fast track to health and longevity.