Just because you're injured doesn't mean you need to stop working out.

Bulletproof is an individualized program that focuses on corrective exercises and strength balance to either get you out of pain or maximize your performance. 

In short: Its a gamechanger to the health space. 

Imagine this scenario:

You've played tennis for 23 years. You love tennis but all that wear and tear on your joints are finally starting to take a toll. 

You go to your doctor for a solution. 

He tells you to rest it, gives you a prescription and has you come back in two months. 

After two months, you're pain free but haven't gotten to play tennis that whole time.

You return to playing the sport you love but after a couple of days the pain in your shoulder comes right back. You repeat this cycle for a few years and finally come to the conclusion that you're just too old for tennis. 


In many scenarios, by strengthening strategic muscle groups and better conditioning tendons, we can get you out of pain and make you more durable for the long haul. 

Bulletproof is for anyone who wants to remain as active as possible. Whether you play team sports, enjoy distance running, avid CrossFitter, Bulletproof is for you. 

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Get me outta pain, man! 

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